Author: Silk

  • NEStalgia v1.73 Update + Original Soundtrack

    Today’s NEStalgia v1.73 update (notes) doubles the game client’s frame rate and also significantly improves the responsiveness of the movement controls. These upgrades make a huge difference in how smooth the the game both looks and plays, and they’ve been a long time coming. In general most of the changes in v1.73 are internal upgrades ported over from […]

  • Spring 2016 Development Status Update

    I’ll spare you the long version and post the short version instead: I’ve been very busy (in a good way) with responsibilities outside of NEStalgia development for quite some time. However, as of several weeks ago my responsibilities were completely reshuffled (again, in a good way) and I’m finally back at my office every day doing the small-business […]

  • NEStalgia Podcast: Players’ Questions Answered

    Last week we received a great response when we asked players to submit questions for us to answer on a new episode of the NEStalgia podcast. Balzack and Spiff joined me on this week’s podcast as I answered many of those questions. We also discussed what we’ve been up to lately, and what our plans our […]

  • v1.70 Online + Submit Your Podcast Questions!

    Getting v1.70 up and running turned out to be a bit of a struggle, but the server is back online and all of the major bugs have been squashed. However, there are still several things that need to be addressed in v1.70 before I can turn my focus back over to the expansion: Players with massive savefiles are […]

  • Another NEStalgia v1.70 Progress Update

    As most of you are aware, the v1.70 update has been “on the verge of release” for several weeks now. Quoting myself from last month: The biggest concern is dealing with players who still have savefiles on multiple servers, mostly in regards to merging files and/or dealing with excess characters that can’t be merged. There’s no perfect solution to […]

  • YOU DIED… In the Overworld?

    Hey everyone! Today I’m trying to cram in as many hours as possible working on the v1.70.0 update so that I can finally get it released. Therefore, this week’s post is going to be short and sweet. Waaaaay back when NEStalgia was just a jumble of notes in a Google Doc, I decided to avoid creating any sort of damage-dealing terrain in the […]

  • NEStalgia on Macs? Linux? Chrome? Yup!

    If you’ve ever wanted to play NEStalgia on other platforms, your wait is almost over. Thanks to the hard work of the folks at BYOND (creators of the tools used to develop NEStalgia), we now have a working HTML5 client for the game that is playable in most major web browsers. That includes Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, and […]

  • Bolstering the Capacity of NEStalgia Servers

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could play NEStalgia on much larger servers? If population surges didn’t mean lots of new servers and inevitable server merges? This week’s update probably isn’t a super fun read, but it heralds a major change that should significantly improve the NEStalgia experience. Hopefully when the Key of the Exiles expansion goes live, instead […]

  • Player Ships in Key of the Exiles

    First off, thank you so much for all of the responses to last week’s blog post! There were a ton of great questions, and the comments made in support of both the game and the new weekly blog posts were much appreciated. Receiving feedback from players on these weekly updates will be super helpful to the […]

  • Weekly NEStalgia News Updates

    One of my big struggles this past year has been in communicating my development progress (and for many months last summer/fall, the lack thereof). Especially when it comes to the Key of the Exiles content expansion, I’ve felt self conscious posting previews etc. in the face of so many delays. My reasoning has been that long […]