Sep 292016

Today’s NEStalgia v1.73 update (notes) doubles the game client’s frame rate and also significantly improves the responsiveness of the movement controls. These upgrades make a huge difference in how smooth the the game both looks and plays, and they’ve been a long time coming.

In general most of the changes in v1.73 are internal upgrades ported over from the forthcoming Key of the Exiles content expansion. Though I don’t have a definitive release window for the expansion yet, updates like v1.73 are important milestones that will help ensure that the expansion is stable and ready to handle lots of players on day one. Though they didn’t quite make it in to this initial v1.73 release, built-in support for gamepads and the universal web client should also both see the light of day in the near future.

NEStalgia Soundtrack

In other news, in response to popular request the NEStalgia Original Soundtrack is now available to download for free for anyone who has purchased NEStalgia on Steam. The soundtrack includes 35 music tracks straight from the game in their original chiptune-esque style, plus 12 bonus instrumental renditions of selected tracks. You can access the soundtrack via the Steam music player – just make sure that your Steam client has actually downloaded the latest NEStalgia update. Note that you can also grab the soundtrack’s MP3 files by clicking the ‘SHOW IN SYSTEM’ link below the ‘PLAY ALBUM’ button in the Steam music player.

  5 Responses to “NEStalgia v1.73 Update + Original Soundtrack”

  1. I can’t wait to play NEStalgia using my DS4 controller; any chance of another podcast in the future?

  2. Since I was among the helpers of the Steam beta, does that mean I own the soundtrack too? If so, where do I get it?

  3. As I listen to the soundtrack, I realize how much is new to me because I muted the music after hearing the normal battle song so much. Not that it is a bad song, but because of the sheer time it takes to grind a level later in the game can be 3 hours.

    Maybe in the future there will a re-balancing of the grind with the new content, a battle song for each region, or some kind of options for those changes available to unofficial servers.

    Thank you Silk! 🙂