Silk Games is a group of hobbyist developers who share a common interest: a love for classic games from forgotten eras. Anyone looking for next-gen graphics or sprawling 3D environments definitely won’t find those here, but what you will find are excellent home grown games developed by people who make them because we love to play them. All of our projects are 100% free to play, with several offering bonus features for paid subscribers.

Our flagship title NEStalgia  is the current focus of our development efforts and has been featured on major gaming sites such as Kotaku, Game Informer, and G4Tv, not to mention GamePro’s 37 Best Free PC games and 1Up’s 101 Free Games 2011 lists. NEStalgia is an 8-bit inspired MORPG, and like all modern online RPGs it’s a constant work in progress. This development blog is updated on a regular basis,  so check back often for the latest NEStalgia news and sneak peeks of forthcoming releases.

The Silk Games Team:

  • Ben Mallahan (Silk) – Founder, Lead Designer
  • Scott Thompson (Spiff/tenkuu) – Systems Programmer & Lead Test
  • Jared Reilly (Balzack) – Community Manager
  • Paul Brown (Mikau) – Technical Support Associate
  • Daniel H. (CableMonkey) – Former Host

If you’d like to contact us, the Silk Games team can be reached via email at team@silkgames.com. Thanks for visiting!