NEStalgia on Macs? Linux? Chrome? Yup!

nes_webclient1If you’ve ever wanted to play NEStalgia on other platforms, your wait is almost over. Thanks to the hard work of the folks at BYOND (creators of the tools used to develop NEStalgia), we now have a working HTML5 client for the game that is playable in most major web browsers. That includes Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, and even mobile platforms.

This “NEStalgia Webclient” employs the same account system and can access the same NEStalgia servers as the desktop client, meaning that you can basically switch back and forth from any platform at will. Opening the NEStalgia Webclient is as simple as clicking or navigating to the URL for a server and then logging in.

The Webclient is very exciting news, though it does come with a few caveats:

  • The Webclient can’t yet be used to host or play single player games. You must join a server being hosted by someone else, such as our official servers or any public/private server.
  • This new client can indeed be accessed by browsers on tablets (etc.), though the controls and the interface have not yet been adapted to make intuitive use of touch screens. In other words, tablet/smartphone compatibility is neat, but I don’t think that playing the game on a tablet would be much fun yet.
  • Though it’s stable and works well, the Webclient is still very much in beta. You will almost certainly encounter aesthetic glitches, and your experience may vary (for better or worse) when using different web browsers.

You’ll be able to give the Webclient a spin after v1.70.0 is released (which should be sometime this weekend). [Edit: I didn’t quite get v1.70.0 finished for the weekend; my goal now is this Thursday the 25th]  I’ll post an announcement when both the v1.70.0 update and Webclient access are live. In the meantime, here are a few screenshots that I took while playing NEStalgia on various devices earlier today:

NEStalgia on Chrome OS
NEStalgia on Chrome OS

NEStalgia on an iPhone 6s
NEStalgia on an iPhone 6s

NEStalgia on a Mac
NEStalgia on a Mac







14 responses to “NEStalgia on Macs? Linux? Chrome? Yup!”

  1. deadfool Avatar

    I assume that it supports Iphone 5S as well.

    If you need additional help with testing the game on the Iphone, let me know.

  2. silentz Avatar

    Does this include Android?

    1. kiirdel Avatar

      I would imagine so, as long as you can use the proper browser it should work on just about anything.

      1. silentz Avatar

        I’m going to try it on the Samsung Galaxy S4 when it’s posted.

  3. blaxun Avatar

    Freaking awesome!

  4. wilhelm Avatar

    iPhone 6 uses 1.4 Dualcore processor with 1GB of RAM, and a pretty intense GPU for the small device..

    So to run this, in theory, on Android you’d need equivalent to those specs, maybe a little less since Android isn’t as demanding on resources as IOS is.

    1. Silk Avatar

      I actually had the client running just fine on my Kindle Fire HD6 last month, but for some reason my Chrome browser on that device didn’t want to open without crashing yesterday and so I couldn’t grab a screenshot. I guess that we’ll soon find out just how low you can go in terms of specs once people start testing, but the HD6 definitely isn’t a powerhouse.

  5. jumier Avatar

    Exciting news! I would love to play this with touch controls on my Surface Pro 2! How much time/work will it be to add touch controls?

    1. Silk Avatar

      I’ve sworn a sacred oath to myself not to focus on major new features until the content expansion is released… so at the very least another couple months.

  6. whttgr Avatar

    I’ve been using this on a Windows tablet and it works great. I have to use the pop up keyboard to move and chat but everything else works with touch.

  7. Silk Avatar

    Just making a note here: I didn’t get in a full weekend’s worth of work on v1.70.0, so the update will be delayed for a few more days. Aiming for this Thursday the 25th now.

    1. deadfool Avatar

      Have you managed to find a workaround regarding the savefiles of players? Ker_Blam is quite concerned regarding the situation.

      1. Silk Avatar

        No one needs to be concerned; I’ll make sure that all players are taken care of.

  8. machii Avatar

    Supposedly v1.70 is currently live. Does that mean that the aforementioned platform support is currently available? I can play on linux?

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