Jun 252015

NEStalgia BoulderHey everyone! Today I’m trying to cram in as many hours as possible working on the v1.70.0 update so that I can finally get it released. Therefore, this week’s post is going to be short and sweet.

Waaaaay back when NEStalgia was just a jumble of notes in a Google Doc, I decided to avoid creating any sort of damage-dealing terrain in the overworld. My main goal was just to avoid having dead players exist in the overworld in general (as ghosts in the party or what have you), which is also why Poison can’t kill in the overworld and characters always revive with 1 HP at the end of battle.

While I still don’t want to have dead players being dragged around by their party leader, I do think that it’s about time the overworld became a bit more treacherous. In Key of the Exiles you won’t just encounter the familiar JRPG “marsh” or “barrier” type terrain, you’ll also need to be on the lookout for new types of obstacles that could send you and your party straight to the dreaded death cutscene.

Earlier today I recorded an animated gif to show one of these traps in action. It’s about 3MB, so instead of embedding it I’ll instead have you click this link to view it: Pyramid Boulder Trap!

Takes me right back to 1989...

Takes me right back to 1989…

A couple of answers to inevitable questions:

  • When one party member is killed by either an overworld trap or damage-dealing terrain, all other party members will die instantly as well.
  • Although I mentioned it above, the way Poison works in the overworld has not changed. It will still take an afflicted character down to 1 HP without killing him/her.
  • I’m very aware that players may have concerns over lag spikes etc. making these traps frustrating to deal with. My hope is that these traps will be fun to encounter, and I’m not going to make them reliant on super precise movements and timing.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back with another blog post once v1.70.0 and the Webclient beta go live.

  9 Responses to “YOU DIED… In the Overworld?”

  1. Looks good, but I do have one teensy little worry about being at the mercy of a party leader with thousands of gold on hand. I hope the potential for trolling is kept to a minimum with that type of quick over world death. Either way, looking forward to 1.7. I’ve been stuck using a chromebook for a few weeks as I am on vacation. The mega server coming right with the beta client should hopefully let me manage my account.

  2. Still a chance it’ll be released today (Thursday) ?

  3. I think a much better solution to the larty death thing would be to just remove the dead player from the party when they die. I’m sure you’ve considered this option, but I am curious: what made you choose the method you are currently planning on employing where the whole party wipes over alternative methods?

    • So, you are playing with your friends and, all of a sudden, the game kicks you back to the last town, while your friends stay in the dungeon to play without you? You might not have even been leading, maybe you were just a Conj with low HP. Nope, now you are screwed out of playing with your friends if they don’t have the right spells to come back and get you.

  4. mhmm. Boulderlicious. Loving the weekly updates and new content. Awesome work Silk. Please keep it up.

  5. Will there be a spell that protects people from overworld hazards?

  6. Will the ninja’s Vanish ability be helpful with overworld traps at all?

  7. I’d worry about those traps if its combined with random encounters. I could see just coming out of a battle and suddenly, boulder kills you with no time at all to move.

    If it’s with no random encounters (at least in the path of the boulder), then I think it’s a nice way to mix things up. Also some mp pressure since parties may want to heal once in a safe spot in case it happens again.