Jun 252015

NEStalgia BoulderHey everyone! Today I’m trying to cram in as many hours as possible working on the v1.70.0 update so that I can finally get it released. Therefore, this week’s post is going to be short and sweet.

Waaaaay back when NEStalgia was just a jumble of notes in a Google Doc, I decided to avoid creating any sort of damage-dealing terrain in the overworld. My main goal was just to avoid having dead players exist in the overworld in general (as ghosts in the party or what have you), which is also why Poison can’t kill in the overworld and characters always revive with 1 HP at the end of battle.

While I still don’t want to have dead players being dragged around by their party leader, I do think that it’s about time the overworld became a bit more treacherous. In Key of the Exiles you won’t just encounter the familiar JRPG “marsh” or “barrier” type terrain, you’ll also need to be on the lookout for new types of obstacles that could send you and your party straight to the dreaded death cutscene.

Earlier today I recorded an animated gif to show one of these traps in action. It’s about 3MB, so instead of embedding it I’ll instead have you click this link to view it: Pyramid Boulder Trap!

Takes me right back to 1989...

Takes me right back to 1989…

A couple of answers to inevitable questions:

  • When one party member is killed by either an overworld trap or damage-dealing terrain, all other party members will die instantly as well.
  • Although I mentioned it above, the way Poison works in the overworld has not changed. It will still take an afflicted character down to 1 HP without killing him/her.
  • I’m very aware that players may have concerns over lag spikes etc. making these traps frustrating to deal with. My hope is that these traps will be fun to encounter, and I’m not going to make them reliant on super precise movements and timing.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back with another blog post once v1.70.0 and the Webclient beta go live.

Jun 042015

NEStalgia Custom ShipFirst off, thank you so much for all of the responses to last week’s blog post! There were a ton of great questions, and the comments made in support of both the game and the new weekly blog posts were much appreciated. Receiving feedback from players on these weekly updates will be super helpful to the process, so keep the comments coming!

In this week’s update I’ll be providing a brief outline of what player owned ships are like and how they work. What follows is meant as a primer for this topic, as I’m sure that you’ll be hearing much more about player owned ships in future previews. I’m going to avoid significant story and gameplay spoilers here, but if you are completely adverse to any type of spoilers for the expansion then now would be a good time to stop reading.

How Owning A Ship Works

You’ll be boarding your future ship within minutes of starting Key of the Exiles (KotE), though it won’t be under your command just yet. After meeting some new key characters, you, your companions and Krasus will set sail for the western continent. Your primary objective is still to find all of the Luanan Runes and prevent Mardeck from obtaining their power. Thankfully, after having spent a bunch of time in Mardeck’s library, Krasus has a pretty good idea of where the remaining three runes are located.


Just hanging out on the deck of the ship in the middle of the ocean.


Krasus spends his time in the ship’s cabin reading books and giving advice.

Before long you’ll be in command of the ship, and Krasus and the other NPCs on board will stick around to help guide you. Most of the new content in the expansion is non-linear, meaning that you get to choose where you go and in what order you go there. Your ship will act as a hub for most of your activity in KotE; when you board the ship from the overworld you’ll actually go to the main deck. From there you can explore your ship and talk to NPCs, or take the helm to cruise around the overworld.

Each player’s ship is essentially a unique instance. When a group of players boards a ship, everyone will be transported to the party leader’s ship. That means that you’ll probably be hopping on and off lots of different ships during your travels, and last week jozeppi asked a good question about ship relocation:

Q) I would like to know: if one teleports via recall or a hearthstone, will the ship come along as well like in DW3, or will it be left where it was disembarked?

A) Yes. As in most of the Dragon Warrior games and other JRPGs of the era, using a Recall ability will also teleport your ship to a location nearby your destination in the overworld.

Customizing Your Ship

Because you’ll be spending so much time aboard your ship, you’ll almost certainly be interested in purchasing some upgrades to make it feel more like home…

This is the barebones interior of your ship's hull when you first obtain it. It won't stay this way forever though...

This is the barebones interior of your ship’s hull when you first obtain it.

This upgraded interior features a Companion Ranch and a Merchant to buy/sell goods from.

This upgraded interior features a Companion Ranch and a Merchant to buy/sell goods from.

There are currently five major upgrades that you can purchase that will change the actual structure of your vessel. These upgrades can be purchased in any order. Ex: you can purchase the Inn upgrade before the Companion Ranch upgrade, or vice-versa.

In addition to the functional upgrades, there are also many ways to customize the look of your ship. You’ll notice in a couple of the shots below that the ship can have different color schemes, and you can proudly display your guild’s emblem on the main sail as well. Assuming that you have enough gold banked to purchase these customizations, you’ll be cruising around the ocean in style in no time:

Walking out of a town that I just "Recalled" to, about to board my ship.

Walking out of a town that I just “Recalled” to, about to board my ship.

A ship rocking a guild emblem and custom colors.

A player ship rocking a guild emblem and custom colors.

Sailing near a big hole in the ground in the arctic north...

Sailing near a big hole in the ground in the arctic north…

Another set of custom colors on a ship exploring the world.

Another set of custom colors on a ship exploring the world.

That’s all that I have for today! Feel free to fire away with questions if you have them, and check back next Thursday for another NEStalgia weekly update.

** Note that any information presented in Key of the Exiles previews is subject to change, though I generally won’t cover a topic unless the design is fleshed out and/or it’s already implemented. **

Aug 292012

Steam Greenlight will publicly launch at some point tomorrow. Greenlight is a new system that allows the Steam community to vote for the next indie games that they want to see published on the service, and if you’ve seen our Put NEStalgia On Steam .com site then you know that we need your help to put NEStalgia over the top.

Just like NEStalgia itself will be in a struggle to prove its worth on Greenlight in the coming weeks, so too will NEStalgia players with a special Valve-themed in-game event starting tomorrow. Valve is the company that created Steam and many beloved modern PC games such as Half Life and Portal, and their co-founder and managing director Gabe Newell is well known to gamers everywhere. In the world of NEStalgia, however, he’s just known as King Gabe of Steamonia.

NEStalgia’s Greenlight celebration event will challenge players with a brand new dungeon inspired by Portal, the “Tower of Trials”. I think that players will be very surprised at how cool the portal mechanic is when adapted for use in a 2D top-down RPG! Anyone who dares enter the Tower of Trials will also face many different monsters that parody those found in the Valve lexicon, culminating in a final showdown with King Gabe at the top of the tower.

As with all NEStalgia events like this, players will have the chance to get their hands on many new event-exclusive character dyes and masks. Better yet, those who defeat King Gabe can obtain a brand new companion: the Heavy Chest.

This Steam Greenlight event will start around the same time that the Greenlight service itself launches tomorrow afternoon. The event is designed for players of all levels – simply talk to the mysterious messengers found hanging out near the Inns in every town (except Ennar), and you’ll be own your way to Steamonia in no time.

*Special thanks to Gamekrazzy for the awesome King Gabe sprite!


We were lucky enough to be allowed access to the Steam Greenlight Beta, which means that NEStalgia’s page will be up and ready to view the moment the system goes live. If you’ve enjoyed NEStalgia and would like to see it put before a much larger audience, then please take a moment of your time this week to go and show your support for the game on Greenlight. I’ll post a Facebook/Twitter announcement when the Greenlight service (and in turn this holiday event) launches tomorrow – stay tuned!

Jun 252012

Last summer I set forth a plan to take NEStalgia from being a “hobbyist project” to a full-blown independent game. Although the overhaul of the code base and implementation of countless gameplay improvements took much longer than expected, we’re finally at the finish line. In other words, NEStalgia is now ready for widespread exposure and a much larger audience. The most recent (and most important) milestone was the release of the NEStalgia standalone client: if you haven’t seen it yet then go grab it on our new website. Hopefully we’ll start to see many new faces as I work to spread the word about NEStalgia in the coming weeks!

The next question is where the game itself goes from here. Players have been begging and pleading for new content for the better part of a year, and I’m finally ready to provide it. From here on out the primary focus of our development efforts will be regular content expansions, the first of which is already in the works:

NEStalgia: Key of the Exiles

We won’t be changing the title of the game itself, but all NEStalgia content expansions will be named. Key of the Exiles will expand the world of NEStalgia by adding new regions, monsters, items and quests while also bumping the level cap up to 45. As with all named content expansions, Key of the Exiles will also include a new level 45 “end game” dungeon with a wide array of daily quests and the next tier of epic set gear.

The first order of business for players will be to obtain a ship that allows them to freely navigate the world of NEStalgia. The ship is more than just a cool new way to get around, as it also represents a philosophical shift in how the game is played. Up until now players have had a fairly linear path placed before them, but once you obtain a ship the entire game becomes much more open-ended. The order in which you complete the next main storyline objectives is completely up to you, and there will be no NPCs holding your hand telling you where to go. Exploration and discovery are the hallmarks of this content expansion.

So why is it called Key of the Exiles? Although the quest for the Luanan Runes will continue, the next rune is locked away in an ancient tomb behind a door sealed 10,000 years ago by the exiles of the ancient Luanan civilization. After sealing the door the exiles immediately destroyed the only means of opening it: a magical key capable of unlocking any door. The main storyline quests will have players scouring the world in search of fragments of that ancient key in order to reforge it.

As with all major NEStalgia updates, I won’t be setting a hard release date for Key of the Exiles until I know for sure that I can hit my target. In the short term, however, players can look forward to a fun 4th of July holiday event next week alongside the release of the Black Sanctum companions (more details forthcoming). As development on Key of the Exiles progresses, I’ll continue to post previews here on the blog.

Apr 102012

The highly anticipated v1.63 update will go live next Friday, April 20th. If you’re unfamiliar with this update then check out our previous coverage of v1.63 for details:

With over 100 recruitable companions, the amount of diversity in v1.63 is ridiculous. No two companions are the same, and almost every conceivable class mish-mash and stat permutation is out there. Imagine a Warlock who can tank, a Ninja healer, or a pure Wizard-type that uses Will instead of MP. Each companion is essentially its own unique character class, making it all but certain that “catch ’em all” fever is about to hit NEStalgia.

v1.63 isn’t just a huge update, it’s a transformative one. The solo experience has been improved immeasurably – all while keeping the multiplayer focus intact (Reserve Bonuses add an entirely new layer of customization and strategy to the game). The only way that this update could be better is if it were packed with a content expansion… but that’s our next priority.

One More Thing…

Although this won’t be a part of v1.63, we’re about to begin public testing on the standalone version of NEStalgia. Imagine downloading a simple NEStalgia package which allows you to install the game like any other (sans BYOND), then places a shortcut on your desktop that opens this splash window:

NEStalgia will remain powered by BYOND (and your current accounts will still function), but with this standalone installer the BYOND side of things stays under the hood. BYOND is awesome, but taking away the confusing step of having to install a separate program to play NEStalgia is really going to widen the game’s appeal and legitimacy. Look for public testing on this to begin soon – I’ll post details here on the blog when we’re ready.

Apr 032012

Our first holiday event of the year kicks off this Thursday, April 5th and will last through early Monday. This weekend’s Easter event is an upgraded version of what we ran last year and comes packed with a harder world boss and some cool new prizes.

Head to Ardan to pickup two new daily quests, and prepare to encounter Choco Bunnies all over the world who drop special rewards if you manage to defeat them before they run away. Your maxed out characters will face a greater challenge this year as you do battle with the dreaded “Ether Bunny” who roams the overworld. Beat the Ether Bunny and you’ll have a chance to loot a coveted Bunny Rod.

There will be plenty of Easter themed dyes to be won this weekend, and new prizes include a female-only Bunny Ears Mask and a very special item meant for use post-v1.63: the Choco Bunny Egg. Players can use this egg in v1.63 to hatch their own Choco Bunny companion, which is only obtainable during this weekend’s event.

Other News

I’ll be announcing the official release date for v1.63 next week. I’m very excited to get this patch out the door; it’s easily the best major update that NEStalgia has ever received. It’s been a long time since I’ve become so absorbed when testing a NEStalgia update that I found myself actually playing the game and enjoying it. All of this stuff may have taken a long time to develop, but I’m confident that the end result is worth the wait.

For many of you, the best news about the release of v1.63 is that regular content expansions are going to be our sole focus from here on out. That means new areas to explore, new quests, new gear and the oft-requested level cap bumps. It may take us some time to get that first big expansion up and running, but we’ll keep you updated as we go.

I hope that all of you enjoy this weekend’s holiday event – I’ll be back next week with the v1.63 release date announcement and more.

Mar 172012

The slog continues, and I’ve designated the forthcoming companion update as v1.63. I still don’t have a release timeframe, but we’re getting close. Today’s preview should fill in most of the remaining blanks about how companions are going to work.

Reputation Ranks

One of the big new changes in v1.63 is the reputation system. Reputation is basically a new type of experience that is accrued by winning battles and completing quests in a region (regions generally meaning a town and its local area). As your numerical reputation increases, your “reputation rank” in a region levels up. There are a total of five ranks, each of which requires more reputation to achieve than the previous rank.

New daily quests with large reputation bonuses have been added to every region in the game. As of the initial release of v1.63, reputation will only be used for two major systems: seed slot boosting and companion recruiting. In the future it will likely factor into many other systems.

Recruiting Companions

Monsters aren’t captured Pokemon-style. Instead, every time that you fight a particular type of monster there is a chance that it will ask to join you. Whether or not you’re eligible to recruit a monster is based upon your regional reputation rank. Generally speaking, the stronger or rarer the monster the higher reputation rank that it takes to recruit it.

Almost any monster in the game can be recruited to become a companion, and every single species is unique. No matter what type of monster you recruit, they will always join you as a level 1 companion. Therefore, recruiting a monster from a higher level region does not necessarily give you a more powerful companion. An Ice Slime from the Arctic doesn’t have any statistical advantages over a Mage Slime from Bedoe; they’re just different.

The Companion Ranch

Every region in the game now has a Companion Ranch, the place where your extra companions are stored for safekeeping. Companions can be deposited or withdrawn anytime, and your stored companions are shared between all of your characters. However, only subscribers can actually withdraw companions stored by their other characters, and you can’t withdraw companions that are a higher level than your current character.

Every Companion Ranch features a regional Bestiary that shows which monsters are in the area and what reputation rank is required to recruit them. In order for a monster’s information to show up in the bestiary you first need to beat it in battle, otherwise its entry will contain minimal information. Like the ranch companion storage, the bestiary entries are also shared between all of your characters.

Seed Slot Boosting

In order to expand your Stat Seed slots in the current version of NEStalgia, you must to purchase expensive Seed Boosters from a late-game vendor. As of v1.63 those Seed Boosters are going the way of the dinosaur, although all existing Seed Boosters and/or their resulting extra seed slots will still function.

In v1.63 stat seed slots are automatically opened up by raising your reputation to “Honored” in a region (rank 3). Because reputation is not shared between characters, you’ll have to do this on each character separately (the grind up to Honored isn’t that time consuming and can generally be accomplished by completing most of the quests in the region). Although there are currently seven regions in the game, you’ll still only be able to open up a total of six extra slots.

Other Notes

Although I had previously talked about allowing solo players to have only one companion fighting alongside them in non-boss battles, I’ve changed things up and solo players will now be able to utilize both of their companions in all encounters. Partying up with other players will always make for a much stronger team, however, as companions are comparatively weak and don’t always make the best strategic decisions in big fights. Furthermore, any companion who is with you but not in your active party when you group with other players will give you a substantial “Reserve Bonus” in the form of a stat boost or some type of extra skill or ability.

If you have any additional questions about how this stuff works the please feel free to ask in the comments. We’re at the point where most of the implementation is finished, so I can now give plenty of details about what all of these changes entail.

I know that development is moving much slower than anyone had hoped (including myself), but please bear with us just a bit longer. The standalone installer is almost ready to go, meaning that we could theoretically be launching v1.63 alongside the standalone installer, which will mean a massive exposure boost for the game right as we turn our focus over to regular content expansions. Everything is falling into place in just the right way, and I’m very optimistic that all of this hard work and waiting is going to pay off in the near future.

Feb 262012

Both Spiff and I have been hard at work this month on different tasks. While Spiff has been tackling an automated PvP tournament system, the majority of my time has been devoted to Monster Companions.

The automated PvP tournament system will allow us to schedule regular weekly tournaments for both brackets (20s and 32s). The brackets are generated based upon the teams that sign up during the week (and show up on time), and then the tournament takes place without the need for Moderator supervision. Members of that week’s winning teams will be rewarded not only with Colosseum Badges, but with statues of themselves displayed inside the Colosseum (Spiff’s idea!).

The new tournament system has been in open testing all month long and is very close to completion. Yesterday we also hosted our very first closed beta test for Monster Companions, which went incredibly well. Everything is looking very solid, including the Companion battle A.I. (which let me tell you was no small task to create).

Although you won’t be able to directly control your companions, you will be able to set each companion’s battle tactics via the new Tactics menu in battle. The tactics themselves are fairly self-explanatory (Balanced, Offensive, Defensive, Conserve), and can be changed on the fly at anytime during battle.

In the overworld players have full control and will be able to cast their companion’s spells manually. Companions won’t be able to equip gear or carry items, but they do have slots for Stat Seeds and their own version of Skill Trees called “Milestone Boosts”. These boosts allow the player to choose between one of two skill options for the companion every 5 levels. What’s more, every companion has a unique set of Milestone Boosts specifically tailored to its breed.

You’ll notice that the companions either use MP, Will or Rage to power their abilities (Rage is identical to the Merchant Credit system). The type of resource a companion uses to power its moves has a big impact on how it handles itself in battle. The earliest healing companion in the game (Blue Slime) actually uses Rage to power its abilities, which makes for a decidedly different type of healer that can’t always burst heal but will never run out of MP.

As usual I’m not going to give out release projections for this stuff until it’s much closer to being finished. I’m very happy with where we’re at though, and I’m also getting excited to dive right into content expansion work as soon as companions are done. As testing continues over the course of the next couple weeks I’ll be sure to share many more details and screenshots

Feb 012012

As we continue to plug away on the big Monster Companion update, more and more of the supporting changes are going to start to make appearances on the live servers. The next version bump won’t bring companions, but it will bring us one more important step closer.

Forthcoming v1.61 Changes

There won’t be any earth shattering changes packed into v1.61, but there will be many small ones. Changes include the addition of a “Level Lock” toggle which will prevent your character from earning experience and leveling up. Another tweak: the “Plus Exp” and “Plus Gold” stats are becoming “Extra Exp” and “Extra Gold”, as both stats will now be added as a direct bonus to the Experience and Gold earned from battles, rather than a percentage increase.

My favorite change so far is something that I’ve been meaning to implement for a long time. Per modern MMO standards, all “Quest Giver” NPCs will have quest indicator icons floating above their heads in v1.61:

Exclamation Points indicate that an NPC has quests available; Question Marks mean that you have a completed quest that needs to be turned in to that NPC. The indicators are yellow for regular quests and blue for dailies.

These indicators are one of those random things that was surprisingly challenging to implement, which is why I hadn’t done so before now. With the companion update looming, the quest indicators finally made it to the top of my to-do list because there will soon be many more daily/repeatable quests scattered all over the world related to the new reputation system.

I’ll continue to add items to the v1.61 update notes as I work. The patch should go live by this weekend.

When Will Companions Be Ready?

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately, and all that I’m willing to say is that we’re making great progress on the update and that it will be ready when it’s ready. As soon as I have a public release date set it will be posted here on the blog/Facebook/Twitter in big flashing letters – I promise that you won’t miss it.

Being able to dole out most of the big code changes incrementally on the live servers has really sped up development as compared to the Skill Tree update, which had to be released in one huge chunk. It should also dramatically reduce the amount of time that we need to private test stuff.

Other News

As most of you know, some random script kiddie managed to topple our servers with a DoS attack last week. Turns out that he/she/it did us a favor: I switched over to a faster host with proper DoS protection and so far the results have been great.

In stark contrast to the crappy side of humanity displayed by our attacker, we had several community members step up and make big financial contributions in the past week. “Ninja O” (key: AdamSetzler) made an incredibly generous donation by teaching me how to setup a recurring monthly PayPal donation system and then subscribing to it. For as long as he decides to contribute, his monthly donation will be covering our server costs in full every month. Booyah!

Lumino also made a massive contribution this week by purchasing a ton of gift subscriptions for other players. He has gone on these gift subscription sprees several times in the past, making him our largest financial benefactor. 🙂

So, thank you very much Ninja O and Lumino! Between community members who open their wallets, to those who have contributed incredible artwork, put in countless hours testing/posting bug reports, or even just those who provide lots of moral support, I feel very humbled and grateful.

I’m going to wrap up this beast of a blog post before it gets any longer, but be sure to check in this weekend for v1.61 and keep your eyes on the blog for many more news updates this month.

Dec 142011

NEStalgia received a mention in the latest issue of PC Gamer!

As most of you know, this past February when we publicly announced the release of NEStalgia we were not expecting to get even a fraction of the media coverage or hordes of players that we ended up receiving. Up until that moment both Spiff and I had always regarded NEStalgia as a fun hobby, but not a serious attempt at making a commercial independent game.

Needless to say, my idea of what NEStalgia was and what it could be changed significantly during the craziness of last Spring. The major changes that you’ve seen in the game since that time have all been part of our efforts to transition NEStalgia from being a hobbyist project into a full-fledged indie game. Although it took much longer than I expected, I’m really happy with where we’re sitting right now and I’m looking forward to what’s next.

AI Controlled Monster Companions

Gameplay-wise, NEStalgia’s last major issue is that partying with other players is sometimes necessary in order to progress through the game (not to mention the fact that solo grinding can be a bit of a drag). This was originally an intentional design decision, but as the game grows with future content expansions it will only exasperate the challenges for lonely solo players. We’ve already announced that the remedy to this issue will be a new AI controlled companion system, but up until now the details have been somewhat sparse.

So, here is an outline of how the companions will work:

  • Any monster that isn’t a boss can be recruited to become your companion.
    • Every monster is at least slightly different. Ex: Red Slimes will have different stats and abilities than Blue Slimes.
  • You can have up to two companions with you at a time when soloing, with some conditions:
    • Only one companion will join you for regular battles.
    • Both companions will join in for boss fights.
  • You can set the general tactics that your companions use, but cannot control them directly.
  • Monster companions will level up and feature their own limited skill trees. They do not have an inventory or equip gear.
  • When partying with other players, your companions will not be active participants in the battle but will instead bestow a variety of passive stat boosts and abilities to increase your power.
    • The passive boosts vary by monster, allowing you to customize your load out.
    • You will always be more powerful when grouping with other players than you are when soloing with your monster companions.
  • Your monster companions are shared between all of your characters, and can be accessed by any of your characters at any time.
    • You will not be able to use a monster that is a higher level than your character. No max level monsters for your fresh level 1 characters 😉

Those are the basics, and I’ll be revealing more details and screenshots in the coming weeks. Remember that the multiplayer aspect of NEStalgia will remain the core of the experience. The primary goal here is to make the game more fun and more accessible for all players without over-complicating things or diminishing the multiplayer focus. Being able to solo through an area when you can’t find human party members is going to make a huge difference for everyone, not to mention the Pokemon-esque fun to be had in recruiting and leveling different monsters.

Becoming a Standalone Game

BYOND is truly an incredible toolset, but it was originally designed around the concept of having all games created with BYOND live within that ecosystem. Although it was a great way for us to get started, in order for NEStalgia to continue growing it needs to shed the BYOND trappings and become a completely standalone game. Luckily for us, the developers of BYOND agree and will be helping us to make that transition in the coming months.

What does that mean? Nothing from a gameplay perspective: the BYOND foundation will still power NEStalgia and the game itself won’t see any drastic changes. What it will likely entail is a standalone installer for the game which drops things like the BYOND pager, and the potential for us to distribute NEStalgia on services such as Steam.

We’re still working out the details, but I can at least assuage fears about one sticking point: NEStalgia won’t be split into a BYOND version and a separate standalone version – all of our existing users will be making this transition with us.

The Flash Client

The Flash Client is still being developed, and so far it works really well. The idea with the flash client is to make the game super easy to access without having to install anything; the client acts as a browser-based portal to existing NEStalgia servers. When it’s ready early next year we’re hoping that it will expose the game to tons of new players, including our neglected but not forgotten Mac OS X brethren!

Content Expansions

Last but certainly not least, we will begin rolling out new content and level cap expansions on a regular basis following the monster companion update. I know that many NEStalgia oldbies are dying for content updates, and I’m hoping that you’ll bear with us just a little bit longer. I’m confident that the results will be worth the wait.

I don’t want to give release projections for any of this stuff yet, but all of you will be the first to know here on the blog when release dates are set. I’ll probably be a bit less visible until January rolls around, but we do have a really cool holiday event in the works that should go live next week.

Although I’m still having a hard time thinking of myself as a game developer or wrapping my head around the fact that NEStalgia has become a real project, I’m incredibly humbled to have such an enthusiastic player base supporting us. As great as 2011 was for NEStalgia, I have a good feeling that 2012 is going to be even better.