Can You Defeat King Gabe of Steamonia?

Steam Greenlight will publicly launch at some point tomorrow. Greenlight is a new system that allows the Steam community to vote for the next indie games that they want to see published on the service, and if you’ve seen our Put NEStalgia On Steam .com site then you know that we need your help to put NEStalgia over the top.

Just like NEStalgia itself will be in a struggle to prove its worth on Greenlight in the coming weeks, so too will NEStalgia players with a special Valve-themed in-game event starting tomorrow. Valve is the company that created Steam and many beloved modern PC games such as Half Life and Portal, and their co-founder and managing director Gabe Newell is well known to gamers everywhere. In the world of NEStalgia, however, he’s just known as King Gabe of Steamonia.

NEStalgia’s Greenlight celebration event will challenge players with a brand new dungeon inspired by Portal, the “Tower of Trials”. I think that players will be very surprised at how cool the portal mechanic is when adapted for use in a 2D top-down RPG! Anyone who dares enter the Tower of Trials will also face many different monsters that parody those found in the Valve lexicon, culminating in a final showdown with King Gabe at the top of the tower.

As with all NEStalgia events like this, players will have the chance to get their hands on many new event-exclusive character dyes and masks. Better yet, those who defeat King Gabe can obtain a brand new companion: the Heavy Chest.

This Steam Greenlight event will start around the same time that the Greenlight service itself launches tomorrow afternoon. The event is designed for players of all levels – simply talk to the mysterious messengers found hanging out near the Inns in every town (except Ennar), and you’ll be own your way to Steamonia in no time.

*Special thanks to Gamekrazzy for the awesome King Gabe sprite!


We were lucky enough to be allowed access to the Steam Greenlight Beta, which means that NEStalgia’s page will be up and ready to view the moment the system goes live. If you’ve enjoyed NEStalgia and would like to see it put before a much larger audience, then please take a moment of your time this week to go and show your support for the game on Greenlight. I’ll post a Facebook/Twitter announcement when the Greenlight service (and in turn this holiday event) launches tomorrow – stay tuned!







11 responses to “Can You Defeat King Gabe of Steamonia?”

  1. hanta Avatar

    Can’t wait!!! :O

  2. lumino Avatar

    Twenty Bucks says it goes live at 5:30 PM EST, the exact moment I have to leave for my only class on Thursday. XD

    Ah well, it’ll be up for at least the weekend I’d imagine, so no harm no foul.

    Looking forward to a puzzle dungeon. I love those things. Thanks Silk!

  3. nasca Avatar

    Companion cube companion ! I must own one ! Time to clear ye olde companion bin~

  4. Sonix Avatar

    Oh boy, here we go!

    Ahahaha, I’m totally psyched for this “content”!

  5. TheRealRaptor Avatar

    awesome i cant wait

  6. xiamae Avatar

    You had me at “many new event-exclusive character dyes and masks,” Silk. 😀

  7. TalZahn Avatar

    Oh… my… god…

    I am coming back tomorrow, and dragging my neighbor with me! This looks absolutely awesome!

    Of course, with my luck, I’ll have a job interview tomorrow, haha!

  8. josh Avatar

    Once I think I’m out, you pull me back in.

  9. bluemettool Avatar

    Hopefully it’s been worth the wait.

  10. deadfool Avatar

    I was joking Silk! Joking! I didn’t know we ARE going to battle Gaben!

  11. mitsuho Avatar

    I’m here from the Steam Greenlight page. From your blog it looks like you’ve put a lot of effort into NEStalgia. Just wanted to mention that the opening splash on the standalone client says 2011. Available, current perks aside, it could be a big red-flag of MMO abandonment to new player thinking about a six month subscription.

    Could be just me who is sensitive to that though. I’ve tried tens of MMOs who get either closed or sold over to Thailand/Indonesia/United States and then closed after only a few years more.

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