NEStalgia Podcast: Players’ Questions Answered

NEStalgia Podcast CoverLast week we received a great response when we asked players to submit questions for us to answer on a new episode of the NEStalgia podcast. Balzack and Spiff joined me on this week’s podcast as I answered many of those questions. We also discussed what we’ve been up to lately, and what our plans our for the KotE release. You can stream the podcast on this page or download the MP3:

[mp3-jplayer tracks=”Ep18 (8/21/15) – Players’ Questions Answered@NEStalgia_Podcast_Ep18.mp3″]

We didn’t get to every question that was submitted, but I’m definitely open to doing another podcast again in the near future if there are burning questions that weren’t answered. If you have new questions then feel free to ask those in the comments as well; if there is interest in another podcast then we’ll make it happen. Enjoy!



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5 responses to “NEStalgia Podcast: Players’ Questions Answered”

  1. cjsutt1 Avatar

    Enjoyed the podcast Silk. I would like to keep these going! I’ll be back with more questions.

  2. sickjin Avatar

    I love Will companions. 😛

  3. deadfool Avatar

    My in game experience has taught me that players who complain about companions’ AI are nowhere as obedient as the companions are.

    I enjoyed the podcast, and despite knowing most of my questions weren’t serious, I did expect to get the Casino question answered.

  4. hanta Avatar

    It’s pronounced Hanta.

  5. hanta Avatar

    Alright, round 2 of questions:

    Are there plans for a more in-depth/user-friendly controller support system?

    Are you considering putting the game on sale when KotE comes out?

    Do you guys make any concept art for the game or do ideas just go straight to pixel?

    In regards to oldbies complaining about how things were so much better back in there day – have you considered making older releases of the game available for people to run servers for, like so people could run servers on a version pre-companion? (I know Runescape runs a few servers on older updates/versions, but then again the scope of that game is a lot larger and they can economically justify making a decision to make that content available).

    Do you plan on answering any other questions from that update thread in future podcasts possibly?

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