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  • Can You Defeat King Gabe of Steamonia?

    Steam Greenlight will publicly launch at some point tomorrow. Greenlight is a new system that allows the Steam community to vote for the next indie games that they want to see published on the service, and if you’ve seen our Put NEStalgia On Steam .com site then you know that we need your help to […]

  • v1.65.3 Brings Marketplace and Vault Overhauls

    The v1.65.3 update (notes) which went live last night comes with some significant improvements to the Marketplace listing and Vault storage systems.  Both of these systems have been upgraded to use the same “bin” format that was just recently implemented for the Companion Ranch, which makes for much easier access and organization of stored items. The […]

  • NEStalgia targets Steam Greenlight

    I know that many of you read Valve’s announcement for Steam Greenlight back in July because I was bombarded with emails from players telling me that I should put NEStalgia on it. For those of you who haven’t heard, Steam Greenlight is forthcoming system that will allow Steam community members to pick the next indie […]

  • v1.65 – The Lag Killer Patch

    Earlier today the v1.65 update went live. There aren’t many visible changes in this patch, but the good news is that it should take care of most of the post-companion slowdown and lag that has been plaguing the servers recently. All of v1.65’s back-end efficiency improvements should have a huge impact on server performance, but I’ll be […]

  • Sanctum Companions + 4th of July Event

    NEStalgia’s 4th of July holiday event “Balzackian Dependence Day” is now live and will run through Saturday.  There are many special masks, dyes and even a new companion exclusive to this holiday, so come collect them while they’re available. This small-scale event is designed for characters of all levels – simply visit the encampment east of […]

  • A New Age For NEStalgia Begins

    Last summer I set forth a plan to take NEStalgia from being a “hobbyist project” to a full-blown independent game. Although the overhaul of the code base and implementation of countless gameplay improvements took much longer than expected, we’re finally at the finish line. In other words, NEStalgia is now ready for widespread exposure and […]

  • v1.64 Released + Development Update

    The month of May turned out to be a wash for NEStalgia gameplay updates, but yesterday’s v1.64 patch puts us back on track with lots of balance tweaks and a huge pile of bug fixes (most of those fixes courtesy of Spiff!). See the v1.64 update notes for a complete list of changes. I’m in […]

  • NEStalgia v1.63 Released!

    See the v1.63 update notes on the wiki for a rundown of the most significant changes. Also check out this forum post for some last minute notes and information that everyone should have regarding this update. Enjoy!  

  • Companion Update (v1.63) Release Date Announcement

    The highly anticipated v1.63 update will go live next Friday, April 20th. If you’re unfamiliar with this update then check out our previous coverage of v1.63 for details: Companion Basics (starts third paragraph down) Reputation and Recruiting Companions With over 100 recruitable companions, the amount of diversity in v1.63 is ridiculous. No two companions are the same, […]

  • NEStalgia Easter 2012 Event

    Our first holiday event of the year kicks off this Thursday, April 5th and will last through early Monday. This weekend’s Easter event is an upgraded version of what we ran last year and comes packed with a harder world boss and some cool new prizes. Head to Ardan to pickup two new daily quests, […]