Aug 232012

The v1.65.3 update (notes) which went live last night comes with some significant improvements to the Marketplace listing and Vault storage systems.  Both of these systems have been upgraded to use the same “bin” format that was just recently implemented for the Companion Ranch, which makes for much easier access and organization of stored items. The separate Shared Vault has also been completely eliminated, and instead subscribers may now use their entire main vault to share items between their various characters. This new Vault can now store a maximum of a 81 items to be accessed by any character without the need for constant swapping.

As is the theme of the v1.65 series of updates, this patch includes many efficiency upgrades for both the Marketplace and Vault. The only trade-off here is that players who already have more than 5 characters with full vaults will need to do some pruning in order to bring their stored item count under the new limit. If you’re in this boat then the first thing that you should do in v1.65.3 is login to each of your characters individually in order load your previously stored items into the new Vault. Instead of being required to purchase extra bins you will be given free space to accommodate your items up to the 81 slot limit.

In other news, the Steam Greenlight service is scheduled to launch one week from today. If you somehow missed the announcement of our plans to promote NEStalgia on the service, please see the last blog entry: NEStalgia targets Steam Greenlight. Our “campaign headquarters” can be found at Put NEStalgia On Steam .com, and I even did an interview with Indie Game Mag earlier this week with more details on the whole effort. Get excited – this Steam campaign is going to be a lot of fun!

  2 Responses to “v1.65.3 Brings Marketplace and Vault Overhauls”

  1. Ah, if only I knew people who had a lot of stuff in their vaults would get free bins. But I had to be silly and throw as much stuff as I could into my characters inventories.