v1.65 – The Lag Killer Patch

Earlier today the v1.65 update went live. There aren’t many visible changes in this patch, but the good news is that it should take care of most of the post-companion slowdown and lag that has been plaguing the servers recently. All of v1.65’s back-end efficiency improvements should have a huge impact on server performance, but I’ll be monitoring the situation and making additional adjustments as needed.

In addition to the lag reduction in v1.65, the Companion Ranch has undergone a makeover. Companions can now be sorted into one of nine “bins” for faster access and easier organization. As part of this change, the total number of available companion storage slots has been reduced. Players who previously purchased extra slots will automatically have their gold refunded (if necessary), and will be able to access any companions that they had previously stored over the new limit by clearing out space in their ranch.

There are a few balance tweaks in today’s patch as well, most notably a change to companions in that players will no longer benefit from duplicated reserve bonuses.  That means that if a player has two monsters with the same reserve bonus, only one of those bonuses will function in battle. This change applies to both passive and ability-based reserve bonuses.

As always, please post all bug reports and balance feedback on the Silk Games forums.







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