Podcast: Monster Companion Q&A

With a standalone installer and the flash client on the way, 2012 is going to be a big year for NEStalgia. As we work to exponentially increase the NEStalgia’s player base this year, the game itself will continue to receive lots of awesome new updates and content expansions. The next big update in the works is the previously announced Monster Companion expansion that will enable players to recruit almost any monsters in the game to be their AI controlled allies. For this week’s podcast we did a Q&A about this new companion system based upon player submitted questions:

[mp3-jplayer tracks=”Ep14 (1/11/12) – A Q&A session about Monster Companions@NEStalgiaPodcastEp14.mp3″]

You can find this and previous podcasts on the NEStalgia Podcasts page and also on iTunes.

Although lots of progress is being made, I won’t be making any big preview blog posts about Monster Companions (or the automated PvP Tournaments that Spiff is working on) until there is something worth showing off. As soon as I have something solid to report, all of you will be the first to know about it.



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  1. puppetshowjustice Avatar

    My buddy and I had the same exact conversation about how WoW was going to the Milestone system and we went over to the Talent system. We got a huge kick out of it too.

    Actually doing Milestones for the pets would be a cool way to not overly complicate the pets, have the Milestone system around in some capacity, and keep the skill trees unique to the player characters. I could really get behind that, actually.

    Thanks for answering my questions. The 2 pet slots ended up behaving -exactly- the way I outlined in an old thread. I’m rather proud of that. Heh. >.>;

    Gamers Must Die sounds interesting enough. Not much else to say on that front without having heard it firsthand.

    Though the IGF thing didn’t work out directly, the feature in PC Gamer shows people outside our own circle recognize what a solid thing NEStalgia stands to grow into. And hopefully will this year. Between the coming updates and making it easier to get the game in the hands of I think it’s rapidly approaching time for Silk Games to set its sights on PAX Prime.

    1. Silk Avatar

      I tried to purchase a booth for PAX Prime last summer, but they were sold out by the time I inquired. I’ll be doing my best to apply early this year.

  2. torzelan Avatar

    Interesting about the new podcast.
    I feel like “back in the day” – before everyone was on the ‘net I guess is a cutoff point that makes sense – people talked about who/what was awesome (and “radical” and other words of the era, haha) and stuff was exciting and impressive.

    Nowadays people focus more – some near exclusively – on who/what sucks, and everything that gets “too much” praise/popularity just has to be shot down by a large number of extremely dedicated a-holes (read: keyboard warriors safe behind their screens trying to get the most attention by being the loudest). Being unimpressed and bored; annoyed at everything and looking down on everyone is the new cool and it’s super sad to see.

    A gamer is who and what I am to the very core, and so it blows my mind how there are hordes of people out there who apparently “like” (questionable as it is sometimes) the same things I do (goes for music etc. as well) but are absolutely unbearable people. There are definitely many very different types of gamers and nerds out there and unfortunately many of them don’t really make us look very good. Fire away at the scumbags but always be careful lest you hit civilians.

    Ugh, near and dear topic, could talk about it forever so have no problems seeing how you can make a podcast out of it haha. Looking forward to it.

    1. josh Avatar

      Cool can’t wait for the new podcast. Also what ever happened to the adventures of Ben and Jared? EDIT: This was meant to be its own comment, i must of hit the reply button under his comment I guess.

      1. Balzack Avatar

        Someday a wealthy network executive will be perusing old youtube videos and stumble upon “The New Adventures of Ben and Jared” and will instantly realize it’s the next big thing. He will then proceed to offer Ben and I millions of dollars to make new episodes.

        It’s totally going to happen.

  3. TalZahn Avatar

    I find it funny you talk about haters in video game culture then go like, “Shadows of Erdrick has poor design choices.” “Terrible game.” 😛

    Opinions are opinions though!

    1. Silk Avatar

      A “hater” would be someone who calls Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 a “horrible f***ing game!11!!” simply because they don’t like the people who play it, or because they’re a fanboy for a rival game like Battlefield 3.

      That Shadows of Erdrick game, on the other hand, was a legitimately terrible embarrassment of a game. It’s perfectly okay to bash something like that if you have a lot of good reasons for what you’re saying.

      I’m sure we’ll be discussing this sort of thing a lot more once the Gamers Must Die podcast starts up 😉

  4. nasca Avatar

    Excellent podcast Silk. I will admit I always get a kick out of you guys always calling out Naska with a “K” on the Q and A’s. As silly a thing that is xD

  5. Chaoseon Avatar

    I never would have seen a thing like the Gamers Must Die podcast coming! 😆 It’s ironic because at the beginning of this podcast, you even admitted that you don’t like doing podcasts. I always knew you wanted to rant about gamers though! There’s just so much to say about gamer psychology, and it would be especially interesting from the point of view of a developer.

    Here is an old article that I remembered about the different types of gamers that I think are often found in MORPGs. I find it rather amusing how well the different personalities have been worked out. It’s just missing the new players and trolls, but I guess the article was only about the personalities deemed acceptable in most games. It’s still worth checking out though.

    1. Silk Avatar

      I like doing podcasts. What we were talking about is that we don’t like doing podcasts when we are scraping the bottom of the barrel for new stuff to talk about.

      The NEStalgia podcast originally started up because I was receiving so many questions on a daily basis that it became the fastest and most efficient way to touch on a lot of different topics. That will likely become the case once more after we start marketing a standalone clients, but for now we’re dealing with a much smaller audience that is already up to date on almost everything that is happening with the game.

  6. hydroxycut Avatar

    I cannot express how derpy my smile was when I heard my name 😀

  7. omalley50 Avatar

    Great podcast, always love hearing from you guys about whats going on with the development side of things. The next podcast doesn’t sound like my cup of tea but I will give it a shot. Anyways, keep them coming always appreciated.

  8. hanta Avatar

    Awesome Podcast! Can’t wait for the update 🙂
    Also, @3:30 I’ve always wanted to date a girl named The Power… #Regular_Show

  9. evilinuyasha Avatar

    eh, sad i didnt have a better question, but since silk doesn’t know a whole lot about how pets worked in SoE, I had to ask.

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