v1.55 Releasing Saturday + More Notes

The previously discussed v1.55 patch (full notes) will go live this Saturday. Things have gone really well on the test server and I’m excited for all of you to check it out. From the wealth of new features to the much improved user interface design work, this is a great patch.

Whether or not v1.55 will include the balance changes that I’ve been meaning to implement is kind of up in the air at this point. I don’t want to delay the patch any further just so that we can include those changes (which are related to Ninja improvements, better itemization for all classes at various levels etc), so they may be relegated to a v1.56 update that would be released sometime next week. As a developer it’s very easy to fall into the trap of trying to cram everything that you want to do into one patch, and I’m going to try and avoid that for v1.55.

v1.55 also includes a complete revamp of the game’s long neglected F1 Help files.

No new podcast today, but we’ll be back next week with another one. There is also another official PvP tournament this coming Sunday, this time on Zenithia.







5 responses to “v1.55 Releasing Saturday + More Notes”

  1. uzumaki360 Avatar

    Thanks for all Silk, all of us appreciate a lot your effort and creative work. Nestalgia rocks! 😀

    1. Silk Avatar

      Thanks, but as always Spiff has his hands all over this patch as well. Gamepad Mode, Battle Scenery etc. are all his work.

  2. puppetshowjustice Avatar

    Sort of feels like development went into overdrive lately.

    Speaking of Spiff’s work on the way battle backgrounds work now; tell him I’m quite impressed with them. When I saw the still images in the previews I thought “That looks okay but I’ll probably disable it.” but seeing them firsthand made me a believer. I totally didn’t realize my fondness for them until I had gone back to Algol and found myself missing the new visual style.

    Honestly; so much stuff has changed recently in the visual department that I’m starting to feel like it’s about time to make a new game trailer.

    1. Silk Avatar

      Development has really just been in drive lately, which is what I was hoping for over the summer but obviously was unable to make happen. Spiff and I can get a lot done when we work on stuff simultaneously and when I don’t go MIA for weeks at a time.

      This is indeed probably the most productive time we’ve had since February though. Having to manage a massive active community of players and figure out stuff like managing multiple servers etc. for the first time really consumed the majority of my attention in the beginning. Now that we’ve streamlined a lot of that stuff and things have died down a bit in terms of player activity, I can focus on development. The best part is that all the lessons we learned from February’s big explosion will make the next big explosion with the flash client much easier to handle. We’re much more prepared now, and it will show next time around.

  3. sirshiv Avatar

    Glad to see the expanded help functions. It’ll be great for people like me who’ve forgotten how to play after such a long time. :X

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