v1.54b Hotfix + Respec Change

Just to let everyone know, I had to post a hotfix for an unexpected bug this morning and along with it I put in some of the minor fixes from the upcoming v1.55 patch. These fixes previously slated for v1.55 are now live:

  • Ranger Bug Fix: Quickness was calculating a percentage increase to Agility rather than a straight increase.
  • Cleric Bug Fix: Seeing Red was not impacting attack or defense as it should have been.
  • Warlock Bug Fix: The base cost of Leech was still being calculated incorrectly.

Because this isn’t a full version number update, in order to register the effects of these bug fixes you’ll need to simply equip or unequip a piece of gear for your stats to recalculate.

It’s also important to note that I’ve taken this opportunity to finally disable the free respecs. I let those go on for way longer than I meant to, and my original goal of getting lots of numbers and balance feedback from players has been fulfilled. Respeccing your character will now cost gold, and the price increases every time you do it (but maxes out after 3 respecs):

  • 1st Time: 40 gold
  • 2nd Time: 400 gold
  • 3rd Time: 4,000 gold
  • 4th Time+: 40,000 gold

I get this question a lot, so here is the answer once again just in case:  Yes, whenever I make significant changes to the skill trees for a particular class with an update, that class will have its skill points refunded.

I hope that all of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend! Don’t forget about the tournament later today on Sosaria.







3 responses to “v1.54b Hotfix + Respec Change”

  1. TalZahn Avatar

    I think that’s a cool way of pricing the Skill resets. Starts dirt cheap, then cheap but a a little more, an average price, and then an arm and leg.Was slightly hoping for one more chance to redo my skills for free, hehe, but i’ll deal with it.

    1. omalley50 Avatar

      Lol ya I was hoping for more of an announcement also, but I guess we just wont get the use of our one cheap respec for safety later.

  2. puppetshowjustice Avatar

    “Warlock Bug Fix: The base cost of Leech was still being calculated incorrectly.”

    Eh? What’s the baseline number supposed to be at now? Mine reads 45 Base Cost. Is that correct? I changed gear and logged in/out to see if that would change it any. Because 5 ranks in Darkness should provide a 25% cost reduction. And instead my Leech costs 40HP.

    A quarter of 45 isn’t 5.

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