v1.54 Released – Bug Fixes and Ranger Improvements

The v1.54 update is now live on all servers (version notes). It address a handful of minor bugs (thanks Spiff!) and also delivers some substantial improvements to the Ranger skill trees. My goals with the Ranger tweaks were A.) to boost the power of Storm spells for most types of builds, and B.) to significantly increase the viability of “jack of all trades” Ranger builds.

As far as other tweaks go, multi-target (AoE) damage received too much of a boost in v1.53 so I’ve brought that down a tad. Although I mentioned this a few days ago, I’ll reiterate: the free respecs will remain in effect until I’m done making major tweaks to all of the skill trees. In the meantime keep the feedback rolling in because although I can’t personally reply to every single post, I do read everything written on the suggestions board.

Next on my agenda is a review of the Ninja skill trees. Although I feel like their trees offer lots of utility, they lack the excitement or the sense of growth found in other classes’ trees. My other goal for the near future is to improve the selection of available gear for classes that currently encounter equipment dry spells for certain portions of the game.

We’ll be recording another podcast later this evening so if you have questions or just a general topic that you’d like for us to discuss then please let us know in the comments. We’ve been getting a ton of listeners each week but not a whole lot of feedback, so I’d really like to know what our audience does or doesn’t like about the podcasts so that we can continue to improve on the formula.

Enjoy v1.54!


4 responses to “v1.54 Released – Bug Fixes and Ranger Improvements”

  1. puppetshowjustice Avatar

    Firstly, we need another Q&A session for serious.

    Secondly, be careful with the NJ tweaks. While I’m pretty outspoken about my…lack of fondness for Five Point not working on bosses and Lone Warrior in general, I think the idea behind most other stuff related to NJ is pretty solid. Well, except for Ambush apparently requiring you to be party leader to work. If that is the case that’s pretty blah.

    If you’re really just looking for a topic to discuss tonight then tell us how much progress has been made on the AI companions front. Or if the idea for that or anything else we’ve heard about has changed any. There’s been mention of so many things like potential reputation or crafting systems in the future.

    Really I’m just curious as to what the next thing on the checklist is once this class balance push is sorted out.

    Lastly, be absolutely certain you get us some swag we can buy in time for the holidays. I’m not ever letting up on this.

  2. varius41 Avatar

    Basically everything PSJ said. The NJ trees are in a very good spot despite a few skills I or others may personally dislike. I particularly love spirit fingers, and the procs on gloves was a great idea to add flavor to the class.

    I really like the pod casts, they are entertaining while staying completely on topic.

  3. puppetshowjustice Avatar

    What happened to this week’s podcast, yo? >.<;

  4. masterkade Avatar


    What happened to the passive upgrades for EXP/G/Item+ for Merchant? I was really looking forward to my EXP Merchant build that doesn’t use his equipment for +EXP…I was hoping you’d port the +20% EXP total from Eclipse GMB and the Milestone. Now I have to use Noble equipment to get +EXP :/

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