Mini Podcast: Revealing More v1.55 Changes

Although this is the shortest podcast we’ve ever recorded, it is crammed with lots of new information about the v1.55 update that I didn’t cover in yesterday’s blog post.

[mp3-jplayer tracks=”Ep13 (11/23/11) – Another short podcast. Topic: v1.55 Changes@NEStalgiaPodcastEp13.mp3″]

You can find this and previous podcasts on the NEStalgia Podcasts page and also on iTunes.

PuppetShowJustice has scheduled an official PvP tournament for this coming Sunday at 4:00 PM PST on Sosaria. That should be the first of many to come this December, as tournaments will be scheduled on Algol and Zenithia soon.


4 responses to “Mini Podcast: Revealing More v1.55 Changes”

  1. puppetshowjustice Avatar

    Sosaria needs more teams. I anticipate people will crawl out of the woodwork when it’s close to showtime though. At least I’m hoping.

    Silk, Balzack, Justice for a team. Do it!

    Level 3 Warlock will rock the 32 bracket.

    1. Silk Avatar

      Most sign ups happen at the last minute, in my experience.

  2. xiamae Avatar

    Are there any plans for a holiday event sometime next month? I know gameplay/HUD/bug updates are a much, much higher priority, but… I don’t know. I can’t be the only one that wants to do something other than number-testing, Black Sanctum and PvP.

    1. Silk Avatar

      There will be a holiday event for Christmas, but outside of that what I’ve been trying to emphasize with veteran players is that if they’re bored with the current content, they should take some time off and return when the game is in the cycle of releasing regular content updates.

      It’s not that I’m ignoring players’ requests for more content, it’s that in anticipation of the mass influx of players that we’ll be receiving from the flash client I decided upon a short term development schedule that prioritizes improving the core gameplay over content updates. In the not too distant future everything will fall into place and everyone should be happy.

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