NEStalgia v1.52 Released! The Podcast Returns!

NEStalgia v1.52 was released yesterday afternoon as planned, but I neglected to announce it here on the blog. Although I’m sure that most of you have read up on it by now, you can find the release notes on the wiki. The release went very smoothly, and over the course of the next few weeks we’ll be making lots of small changes and fixes as necessary.

In other news, the NEStalgia Podcast is returning and will hopefully be back to its regular weekly schedule. Jared (Balzack) and I recorded a new podcast late on Tuesday night before the v1.52 release (so we may or may not sound like mellow late night radio talk show hosts), and I’ve just posted it on the Podcasts page. For those of you who didn’t notice, the NEStalgia Podcast is now listed on iTunes along with many other podcast delivery services. I’m no longer going to post these podcasts on YouTube; instead I’ll be providing embedded mp3s. Click to play today’s podcast:

[mp3-jplayer tracks=”Ep10 (10/20/11) – v1.52 is here and development is back on track.@NEStalgiaPodcastEp10.mp3″]

Please post any request for topics that you’d like us to discuss or questions that you want us to answer on next week’s podcast in the comments section of this post. Thanks for listening, and enjoy v1.52!







6 responses to “NEStalgia v1.52 Released! The Podcast Returns!”

  1. makuhiro Avatar

    Ha ,\,,/

  2. puppetshowjustice Avatar

    Oh, Balzack. I’ll never forget yelling at you in Sanctum testing for wiping my Chill with your damned Sizzle Ranger during our first Occ run.

    Just wait until I make my Sleep/Heal CJ and wreck the whole PVE side of the game. ^_^

    Speaking of the WoW disconnecting yourself. There was a rare mob with a unique drop in Cataclysm you could reach via pulling the plug on your internet connection while flying into your cave. Normally flying into said cave would dismount you. Doing the disconnect trick would allow you to stay on your mount inside the cave and when you’d log back in you’d be on the ledge where the mob spawned. Without this trick, getting up on the ledge was impossible without the use of a daily quest item. Oh, and the daily usually wasn’t actually available. Fun times.

    Oh, I demand another Q&A episode now that the face of the game has changed so severely.

  3. puppetshowjustice Avatar

    Oh. And as a random inquiry. What’s the deal with the Elemental Enchants relative to non-melee classes? I seem to remember hearing they were supposed to be appealing to all classes. But some classes just don’t melee. WL and CJ being good examples of that.

  4. cakemanisfake Avatar

    …And for some reason I like this update. Thanks Silk!

  5. masterkade Avatar

    Figures that this update would come out as soon as my computer goes boom. 🙁

  6. deadfool Avatar

    How can I be a pioneer if I never rode on a rock? (had to make a Spongebob reference).
    I like the skill trees, although I’m still struggling to find one that will go well with my soldier.

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