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Meet the new blog, same as the old blog. Although we’ve transitioned away from our long running development blog on BYOND, those of you who want to go and dig around in the archives of old posts can still do so. One of the big benefits of this move is that players can now use their Silk Games Forum accounts to post comments here – simply log in and it should recognize you.

The new site is a bit sparse, so if there are additional pages or any other information that you’d like to see here then please chime in. A big thanks goes to Jumier for the new logo. First he rocked our world with tons of awesome monster sprites for the game itself, and now he’s gone and re-branded us!

Our Ten Year Anniversary

Ten years ago today I released the first Silk Games project ever: a little fan game called Dragon Warrior Online (the idea to create a retro MORPG has been bouncing around in my head for a long time!). Balzack was there from the beginning, followed closely by our diligent server host CableMonkey. My amazing co-developer Spiff came on board about a year and a half later to help develop my second game, and the rest is history.

We’ve been developing online games on and off as a hobby for the past ten years (mostly off), and I certainly never expected for things to become “real” as they did with the public release of NEStalgia earlier this year. Where all of this will take us from here is anyone’s guess, but it’s been a fun ride so far and I’m looking forward to what might come next.

Recent NEStalgia Development

I know that many of you are dying to know when the Skill Tree update will be released, and all that I can do is take a page from Blizzard’s book and say “When it’s ready”. My personal objective is to release first that patch and then the AI Companion update sometime this month, which is an ambitious but attainable goal. Gamepad Mode and a host of other changes should pop up soon as well.

A couple days ago we finally made the switch over to chiptunes for all of the in game music, and it truly is an awesome change. I’ve also had the flash client test up and running on a couple of the live servers, meaning that we can already connect to a server and play with all of you using our in-dev flash client. How cool is that?

Thank you all again for your continued support and patience during this development process. Hopefully a few  months from now you’ll be telling masses of new players horror stories about the “old days” when content updates didn’t happen on a monthly basis. Once all of this feature implementation stuff is out of the way, marketing the game and delivering content will be our top priority. Thanks for sticking with us in the meantime 🙂


15 responses to “Welcome to the New Silk Games Blog”

  1. Silk Avatar

    A Google search turned up this (now hilarious) old review of Dragon Warrior Online. The fact that it’s hosted on an Angelfire site makes it twice as awesome! I can’t remember who wrote this, but it’s a fun read: http://www.angelfire.com/dragon/warrioronline/

  2. talzahn Avatar

    I rather miss Dragon Warrior Online (the [more] complete version, not the incomplete one). I don’t imagine you would ever allow it available for download only, eh? 😛

    I know, living in the past ain’t healthy, but when you think about it, NEStalgia is all about enjoying the past, hahaha.

    In any case, congrats to your large success and I hope it continues as you churn out more updates! Maybe in the future, NEStalgia will make the jump from MORPG to MMORPG!

  3. nasca Avatar

    Ah, the new place looks fantastic! I had a feeling you were going to drop something special on us for this important date for you and your team.

    Also, my mind is now officially boggled looking at that skill tree!

  4. DinoTurtle Avatar

    I like the new site, it’s professional looking.
    About those skill trees: is there going to be a magic tree for Soldiers? I think having a Magic Knight would be cool, and making it possible without even adding another class would be even better!

    1. Silk Avatar

      NEStalgia already has a magic using melee class – the Ninja. The skill trees should make them a bit more versatile in that regard.

      There are also lots of changes coming to Soldiers with the skill trees, so stay tuned for more info on that soon.

  5. tismondo Avatar

    cloud world??? :O


    1. josh Avatar

      I saw the clouds too, wonder what that will be. I also want to see what you have instore for us SD and MC. I’m thinking it’s some magic attacks or possibly were getting more buffs?

      New site looks awesome and nice job Jum with the logo.

    2. Silk Avatar

      Oops, I neglected to take the pictures somewhere else. The cloud world is currently just where the Silk Games staff hangs out, although you’ll almost certainly see something like it pop up in the storyline in the future.

    3. Mikau Avatar

      This should clear some of the confusion up a little. The cloud area is really just a bunch of tables. Yay for black and white photos.

  6. amarathval Avatar

    looks awesome

  7. josh Avatar

    Hmm never knew rangers could use staffs?

    1. tenkuu Avatar

      The had fewer options for staff use before, but the overall plan was to allow them to have greater access to them. Along with the skill trees, they’ll be able to equip every staff currently available in the game.

  8. deadfool Avatar

    Looks amazing! Can’t wait for the Soldier’s skill tree.

  9. zerak Avatar

    I remember DWO. & I’m even in a screenshot in that review!
    That made my day.

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