Jan 252015

savefile_transferThe NEStalgia v1.68.8 update is now live, and simply contains a few minor bug fixes related to the recent server and savefile merges. With those bugs out of the way, we are finally able to start accepting savefile transfer requests for players on the official servers.

In order to request a savefile transfer, please visit the Savefile Transfer Request page and fill out the request form. Please read the instructions carefully before you make your request, because we cannot reverse savefile merges once they’ve been made. We will only be doing savefile transfers for people who apply using the request form on that page; if you’ve previously emailed us a transfer request then you still need to fill out and submit the form.

Please note that we do not offer individual character transfers between two servers. In other words, you cannot pick and choose which characters you’d like to move between servers; it is an all or nothing choice.

All transfer requests will be processed free of charge until February 16th, 2015. After that date, there will be a fee for all transfers (the fee is meant as a barrier to entry so that we’re not constantly making transfers for people on a whim).


I thank all of you for your patience as I’ve worked to get the transfer process up and running this month. Now that we have all of this house cleaning stuff out of the way, I’m hoping that I can finally turn my focus over to more exciting NEStalgia updates.

  5 Responses to “NEStalgia v1.68.8 + Savefile Transfers”

  1. If the fee is meant to prevent constant use, how about giving all accounts a free 1 time swap after that date.

  2. Wooooooo! Freeeee transfers! AWESOME! 🙂 On a side note, glad to hear everything is going great and some progress is at least being made.

  3. What’s the normal wait time for the file transfers? I sent mine around February 5…

  4. Also interested in getting my old stuff transferred. Am I going to be waiting around for weeks?

  5. I’m curious what happens to guilds; if the leader of the guild leaves the server does the guild go away and if I transfer do I loose my guild or become the leader of the guild?