Dec 232011

Unfortunately my grand plans for THE BEST HOLIDAY EVENT EVAR™ didn’t quite pan out this week. As I’ve talked about (and proven!) many times in the past, one of the pitfalls of a 2 man development team is that when unexpected interruptions pop up for me, everything grinds to a halt. I apologize for not being able to make this event happen in time for Christmas, but rest assured that none of this past week’s interruptions will slow our overall momentum on the much larger and more important Monster Companion/Content Expansion updates.

FYI: A very tiny update (v1.57) with a few fixes/tweaks just went live on all of the servers. It’s nothing to write home (or a blog post) about, but there it is.

I’ll be back after New Years with lots of cool new stuff to show, but until then I hope that all of you enjoy your holidays. Merry Christmas!

  14 Responses to “The Grinch Stole Christmas”

  1. Damn you Grinch! D:

    I wouldn’t mind if the event was a Tad late. =p

    • Holiday events last longer than the one day that the holiday is actually on, so I don’t see why they need to start at the exact moment of ______day. You’ve already planned it out, and it’s not even Christmas yet, so it’ll be another day or two before it could even be considered late anyway.

      I vote for Christmas event.

  2. This makes me so sad. After getting excited for the Halloween event, and it not happening I was really looking forward to this event, as were many others. </3

  3. I don’t know how much total work was done on the event but if it was far enough along then it would be a real shame to scrap it. Run the event late and make a joke of it. It doesn’t necessarily have to mirror the same time frame as the real world holiday.

  4. Yeah in NEStalgia Grinchmas starts in February!

  5. Nevermind all the frills just gimme a new boss to slay 😀

  6. Christmas in July.

  7. You can move that damn npc’s walk path in the market in Ardan as a christmas present to make up for it 😉
    It’s a bummer that christmas didn’t work, but honestly I was more disappointed on halloween. You guys let me down on my birthday XP
    I hope the interruptions clear up for you guys soon, and Merry Christmas!
    PS we don’t mind if it’s a bit late 🙂

  8. Give it to me late!

  9. That’s too bad.

    Maybe you can teach Jared how to program just as well as you and Spiff. That way, he could fill in for one of you, if something unexpected happens like this. I think the best team to have is a flexible one. I don’t imagine that a holiday event could be way too hard to program into an already fully functioning game. Perhaps you could code in some kind of cool “template” made just for special events like this, to make it simple to plug in various events for any holiday. Sorry if you already have such a thing in place. I don’t really have the knowledge to suggest how things could be run.

    Anyway, I hope to see lots of great things next year!

  10. Where is Cindy-Lou Who when we need her?

  11. ;S Can we have the event late, if possible? It would be the greatest gift of allllllllll. *w*

  12. Yeah I’d be ok with seeing it after new years. It’s not like Christmas gets out of peoples minds so soon.