Oct 112011

The release of the long-awaited NEStalgia v1.52 update will take place one week from tomorrow on Wednesday, October 19. We’ll also be resuming the weekly NEStalgia Podcast at that time.

You can read up on what’s coming with this update in the past few development blog posts, starting here. My hope is to post a couple more blog entries with pre-release information related to v1.52 this week, including a description of the big changes Merchants will be seeing. As always, I’ll update the Facebook and Twitter feeds when those posts are up.

Please note that this is the first and only official release date that I have given for this patch. While v1.52 may be incredibly late according to my planned development schedule, I never promised that this patch would arrive any sooner than it has. Having said that, I’ve learned my lesson about giving players even the slightest indication of development time frames for these types of updates, and therefore in the future I’m going to try and respond to all inquiries about our release schedule with the classic Blizzard line, “It will be ready when it’s ready”.

Although v1.52 is indeed a monster of a patch, the development delays have actually been due to external factors unrelated to the game. Now that I’m back at my desk dedicated to development for the fall/winter months, you should be seeing more frequent updates and progress towards the eventual goal of regular content patches. Nobody wants to get the ball rolling on all of this stuff more than I do!

In the meantime, a couple of NEStalgia players have been keeping themselves busy by mocking up NEStalgia bosses using Spore and by recreating NEStalgia locales in Minecraft. Check out those pictures and the videos below created by LiquidNeon  and majorawesome, respectively:


  14 Responses to “v1.52 Release Date Announcement”

  1. Warlock Skill Tree seems really amazing

  2. Any chance of having testers comments moved to an archived forum for browsing from say saturday? otherwise general populous will be at bit of advantage over what works/doesn’t.

    (pre empts Silk’s response of go trial and error)

    But we don’t want to have to grind even more gold out to reset foul ups 🙂

    • I don’t believe that the testers will have any meaningful advantages. The posts on the test board wouldn’t tell you much anyway.

      I think that anyone who falls into the “I want to be told what the best build is” crowd ought to just wait a week or two after the release to start playing. That said, I’d bet that the testers would all be quick to say that a single “ultimate build” for each class doesn’t exist.

      • I’m really pleased to see the podcasts returning.

      • Good good. Given your previous posts would have to be rather disappointed if cookie cutters turned up :p

        Can we presume that trees are subject to tweaking if and when any ‘ownage’ build may emerge?

        (I don’t want a nestalgia equivalent of Hammerdins everywhere :p)

        • Yup, I expect that balance changes will be made on a regular basis to buff/nerf the various trees as needed. Even after release, balance is always a work in progress. I think we’ve got a pretty good starting point though 🙂

          • Good to hear, apologies in advance for being a pain and trying to find a way to break it to create the need for a re balance :p

          • Players are going to do that regardless. No need to apologize for trying to min/max.

  3. Oh wow, a specified date and everything? Welp, I’m excited! 😀

  4. Hell yeah. So pumped now 😀

  5. Silk might I suggest you just skip ahead and call this patch 1.53? 😉

  6. Yay! Starting new chars will be an adventure again! I can’t wait to try all the revamped classes.

  7. great glad to see the release date, and not far from now either. Can’t wait to see how this affects all classes.