Aug 152012

I know that many of you read Valve’s announcement for Steam Greenlight back in July because I was bombarded with emails from players telling me that I should put NEStalgia on it. For those of you who haven’t heard, Steam Greenlight is forthcoming system that will allow Steam community members to pick the next indie games that make it onto the service. If that sounds like a perfect match for NEStalgia, that’s because it is.

Even though the system isn’t supposed to launch until the end of August, my hope is to get the player base rallied and ready to go in the coming weeks so that we can storm the gates on day one. To that end I’ve created a simple website to help promote our cause and answer and questions players may have about how NEStalgia will work on Steam. Check it out at:

Put NEStalgia On Steam .com

As you’ll read on that site, we’re not looking for a bunch of random people to upvote NEStalgia and spam our way to the top. We only want people who have actually played and enjoyed NEStalgia to take part in this campaign, so keep that in mind as you link that site to your friends. As the end of August approaches we should be trying to both recruit new players and rally our existing base. You’ll notice that along with the new Steam site, I’ve also created a new revised version of the NEStalgia trailer:

The best way to introduce NEStalgia to new players is to link them directly to main website [ ] and/or the game’s new trailer [ ]. Please only post about NEStalgia on gaming message boards and other sites if you’re already an established member of that community. There is nothing more obnoxious than someone who signs up for a forum just to advertise something (and that type of post won’t help us anyway). The key here is that we should be informing potential new players about the game’s existence, not giving them a sales pitch.

There will be more to talk about in the weeks ahead. In the meantime get out there and start letting people know that at the end of August we’re going to finally get NEStalgia on Steam!