Apr 102012

The highly anticipated v1.63 update will go live next Friday, April 20th. If you’re unfamiliar with this update then check out our previous coverage of v1.63 for details:

With over 100 recruitable companions, the amount of diversity in v1.63 is ridiculous. No two companions are the same, and almost every conceivable class mish-mash and stat permutation is out there. Imagine a Warlock who can tank, a Ninja healer, or a pure Wizard-type that uses Will instead of MP. Each companion is essentially its own unique character class, making it all but certain that “catch ’em all” fever is about to hit NEStalgia.

v1.63 isn’t just a huge update, it’s a transformative one. The solo experience has been improved immeasurably – all while keeping the multiplayer focus intact (Reserve Bonuses add an entirely new layer of customization and strategy to the game). The only way that this update could be better is if it were packed with a content expansion… but that’s our next priority.

One More Thing…

Although this won’t be a part of v1.63, we’re about to begin public testing on the standalone version of NEStalgia. Imagine downloading a simple NEStalgia package which allows you to install the game like any other (sans BYOND), then places a shortcut on your desktop that opens this splash window:

NEStalgia will remain powered by BYOND (and your current accounts will still function), but with this standalone installer the BYOND side of things stays under the hood. BYOND is awesome, but taking away the confusing step of having to install a separate program to play NEStalgia is really going to widen the game’s appeal and legitimacy. Look for public testing on this to begin soon – I’ll post details here on the blog when we’re ready.

Apr 032012

Our first holiday event of the year kicks off this Thursday, April 5th and will last through early Monday. This weekend’s Easter event is an upgraded version of what we ran last year and comes packed with a harder world boss and some cool new prizes.

Head to Ardan to pickup two new daily quests, and prepare to encounter Choco Bunnies all over the world who drop special rewards if you manage to defeat them before they run away. Your maxed out characters will face a greater challenge this year as you do battle with the dreaded “Ether Bunny” who roams the overworld. Beat the Ether Bunny and you’ll have a chance to loot a coveted Bunny Rod.

There will be plenty of Easter themed dyes to be won this weekend, and new prizes include a female-only Bunny Ears Mask and a very special item meant for use post-v1.63: the Choco Bunny Egg. Players can use this egg in v1.63 to hatch their own Choco Bunny companion, which is only obtainable during this weekend’s event.

Other News

I’ll be announcing the official release date for v1.63 next week. I’m very excited to get this patch out the door; it’s easily the best major update that NEStalgia has ever received. It’s been a long time since I’ve become so absorbed when testing a NEStalgia update that I found myself actually playing the game and enjoying it. All of this stuff may have taken a long time to develop, but I’m confident that the end result is worth the wait.

For many of you, the best news about the release of v1.63 is that regular content expansions are going to be our sole focus from here on out. That means new areas to explore, new quests, new gear and the oft-requested level cap bumps. It may take us some time to get that first big expansion up and running, but we’ll keep you updated as we go.

I hope that all of you enjoy this weekend’s holiday event – I’ll be back next week with the v1.63 release date announcement and more.