Aug 212015

NEStalgia Podcast CoverLast week we received a great response when we asked players to submit questions for us to answer on a new episode of the NEStalgia podcast. Balzack and Spiff joined me on this week’s podcast as I answered many of those questions. We also discussed what we’ve been up to lately, and what our plans our for the KotE release. You can stream the podcast on this page or download the MP3:

We didn’t get to every question that was submitted, but I’m definitely open to doing another podcast again in the near future if there are burning questions that weren’t answered. If you have new questions then feel free to ask those in the comments as well; if there is interest in another podcast then we’ll make it happen. Enjoy!

Aug 132015

Getting v1.70 up and running turned out to be a bit of a struggle, but the server is back online and all of the major bugs have been squashed. However, there are still several things that need to be addressed in v1.70 before I can turn my focus back over to the expansion:

  1. Players with massive savefiles are sometimes causing short server lag spikes when they log in and out of the game. We’ve had problems with this in the past on servers that had lots of “old” savefiles, so it’s not surprising that the issue has popped up again now that all the savefiles are on one server. The good news is that I’ve been working on a fix for awhile now, and although it didn’t make it into the initial releases of v1.70, it should be ready very soon.
  2. Due to a small bug, I took the second server instance offline earlier this week. This should be fixed soon as well, which means that players will once again be able to use the Savefile Management Tool on the Midgard (2) instance.
  3. The Marketplace is currently closed; I didn’t want to push my luck and introduce all of the cross-server stuff at once. It may be another week or two before the Marketplace is opened up again.
  4. The NEStalgia web client that will allow Mac/Linux/mobile device users to play the game is ready to go live. The web client will be available as soon as I can get the second server instance back online.

Though it may not seem like it on your end, this was a major transition and it’s a huge relief to have most of it wrapped up. I’m also very excited to be out of the savefile management business, as players can now manually perform savefile merges and key changes using the new tool. All of this stuff is going to free up a ton of my time in the coming months.

NEStalgia Savefile Management

Please see this forum topic for an overview of the Savefile Management Tool.


What’s Next?

Once I get the remaining v1.70 issues dealt with, I’ll switch back to focusing all of my development efforts on the Key of the Exiles expansion. I’m going to continue with the weekly blog updates as well.

It’s been a long time since we did a NEStalgia podcast, so recording a new episode is on the agenda for next week’s update. If you have any questions about the recent v1.70 update, the expansion, or anything else NEStalgia related, please post your questions in the comments and we may use them for a Q & A session during the podcast. We’ll be recording early next week, so get your questions in by the end of the weekend!