Apr 042015

NEStalgia Ether BunnyNEStalgia v1.69.0 went live on the Official servers this morning, and along with it comes an improved and expanded Easter event.

Similar to the style of the new Halloween event from several months ago, the expanded Easter content includes an entirely new region with its own reputation, badges, unique items and recruitable companions. Called “The Ether”, this region becomes accessible after defeating the Ether Bunny world boss. The vast majority of the content for this holiday event is only accessible to high level characters:

NEStalgia Easter Event - Festivities NEStalgia Easter Event - Cutscene
NEStalgia Easter Event - The Ether NEStalgia Easter Event - Ether Foes

Because the Official servers are not nearly as populated as they usually are right now, I’ll be sure to host this Easter event (and the Halloween event) again after the release of the long awaited Key of the Exiles expansion. That means that if you’re a veteran player waiting for the expansion before you return, you won’t have to wait another year to experience this event. Later this week I’ll distribute a build of v1.69.0 on Steam etc. so that players on private servers can partake in the event as well.

The Easter event will run through next Sunday the 12th on the Official servers.

Note that free savefile transfers are still available through tomorrow, Sunday the 5th. If you have savefiles on the Official servers that you’d like transferred/merged onto a different server, now is the time to put in your request. I’ll be taking care of any outstanding transfer/merge requests both tonight and late Sunday evening.